Google Calendar’s ‘Working Hours’ Feature Gets an Update, Now Turned On by Default for All Users

Google is updating the Work Hours feature in Calendar to make it easier for users to manage their availability during working hours. Work Hours has been there for a while but Tuesday’s fresh update makes it slightly more usable. Until now, the feature had to be manually enabled. Google Calendar now turns it on by default, lettings others know about your availability based on earlier meetings and appointments.

Working Hours in Google Calendar allows users to declare when they’ll be available for meetings during the day and other events. If a colleague tries to set an appointment that goes beyond those working hours, Calendar will warn the person before setting it up.

If a user tries to create an event in Google Calendar, they’ll be automatically notified if someone isn’t going to be available at the required time. The feature will help users set up meetings at times that suit everyone. The updated Working Hours feature for Google Calendar is now rolling out to G Suite users. Other Google Calendar users will have it in the coming few weeks.

Once the feature is rolled out to your account you’ll see a notification via a dialog box, says Google. You’ll be able to adjust or even disable Working Hours by going to Google Calendar on the Web and then navigating to Settings > General > Working Hours.

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