MIUI official announcement: Xiaomi 8 new features coming soon

Xiaomi 8 is equipped with AMOLED screen, it supports the special screen display function of A screen. The user only needs to open the switch of the information display in the setup-display menu to use this function. Initially only monochrome black and white styles are available.

Then in the 8.11.19 experience version, MIUI added color screen display function, the first support model is Xiaomi 8, and there are 12 styles available after the update. In addition to the gradient color style, the time style with the background is also added. There are also four patterns to choose from, as to whether the power consumption will increase.

In the MIUI published option screenshots, this feature specifically reminds you to increase system power consumption and does not display when the dark environment is left standing for a long time or when the power save mode is enabled.

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