Why is Xiaomi 9 out of stock? Here is the reason

Mi 9

Lei Jun has said that the Xiaomi 9 / Xiaomi 9SE supply more than 1.5 million units, of which the millet 9 also exceeds 1 million units, which is considered his previous commitment.

Xiaomi 9 is out of stock, Xiaomi said yesterday that the main reason is that the rear camera of Xiaomi 9 adopts the design of rear three-shot. The design of 6P lens module and closed-loop motor is more complicated, and the process requirements are higher. The version of the f/1.47 oversized aperture 7P lens is even worse.

Today, Pan Jiutang of Xiaomi Investment Department has reinterpreted the reason why Xiaomi 9 is out of stock on Weibo. There are three main reasons:

1. There is a gap between the Xiaomi supply chain and international brands;

2, m9 upgrade is very big, for new shell (process) / new platform (Zhenlong 855) / new camera (Sony 48 million three-shot full focus section) / new wireless fast charge (20W), the supply chain is difficult;

3, the price is too low / online enthusiasts are more important, the early demand is too strong;

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