Xiaomi crowdfunds the Chanitex Smart Water Purifier with three-year filter life

Chanitex Smart Water Purifier

Xiaomi has launched a new product dubbed Chanitex Smart Water Purifier under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The product is different from the regular water purifier in several ways. First, it comes with an ultra-durable filter which you won’t need to change for three years. The product also comes with support for Mijia app control making it possible to operate the device remotely from your smartphone. The device comes with a price tag of 2499 yuan ($372).

smart water purifier

The Chanitex Smart Water Purifier uses a 550-gallon high-throughput reverse osmosis filtration system that increases the water purification membrane area by 30% compared to conventional 400 water vessels. The water output per minute is as high as 1.6 liters which translates to outputting a cup of fresh water in 7.5 seconds. Compared to the traditional 400G water purifier, the water output per minute increased by 60%.

Chanitex Smart Water Purifier

Chanitex Smart Water Purifier

Also, Chanitex smart water purifier adopts the patented long-acting RO (Reverse osmosis) membrane independently developed by the company. Under the condition of ensuring fresh and safe water quality, the membrane service life is up to 3 years, and the annual total water purification is improved compared with the traditional 400G water purifier by four times, reaching a total of 5500L of clean water. It has a five-stage layer filtration system. So in last you can grab it for best use in home or office purpose.

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