Xiaomi launches 20 products including rocket

xiaomi 20 products

Xiaomi recently launched some smartphones in the budget and mid-range segment. Apart from this, the company also launched flagship and premium smartphones like Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9. In the recent weeks, the company launched Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Mi Notebook and Mi AirDots Wireless Earbands as well as some other products. Even after this, the company is not taking the name of the halt that the company has now launched its 20 products together in the launch event in China yesterday.

According to Gizchina, Wang has not only given information about the products but also told the price. We all know that Xiaomi does not make smartphones but also produces many other category products. However, let us tell you that all 20 of these products are not new and because yesterday was April 1, the company had joked all over this occasion, but some of these 20 products were old, which was cut in price is.

New products launched in China include Mijia Multifangal Electric Cooking Pot (RMB 399), Mijia Pressure IH Rice Cooker 1S (RMB 1,099), Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Machine (RMB 699), Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (RMB 1.199), Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping 1S (RMB1999), Xiaomi Mijia Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Electronics Watch (RMB 79), Xiaomi Mijia Joyant Gels Pan (RMB 20), Xiaomi Mijia Helmet Protective Gear Set (RMB 199), Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-Talkie 2 (RMB 449 ) And Xiaomi 1 rocket are included.

Other products include Xiaomi 15.6-inch Mi Notebook (RMB 3,799), Xiaomi 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air (RMB 3,599), Xiaomi Mijia children anti-blue goggles (RMB 99), Xiaomi Mijia anti-blue goggles (RMB 99), Xiaomi Mijia anti-blue goggles Pro (RMB 149), Xiaomi Mijia Smart Running Shoes (RMB 999), Xiaomi 20-inch suitcase (RMB 279), Xiaomi Suitket Youth Edition (RMB 199), Xiaomi 24-inch suitcase (RMB) with automatic lens 379) and Xiaomi 28-inch suitcase 28 (RMB 479) All of these products are April Fool’s Day Products by Xiaomi Mijia Smart Running Shoes, Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Electric Cooking Pot, Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Machine, Xiaomi Mijia Giant Gel Pan and Xiaomi 1 Rocket.

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