Xiaomi’s self-developed chip coming soon

Xiaomi released the organization structure adjustment email, disclosed that in order to cooperate with the company’s AioT strategy to accelerate the development of the chip research and development business, Xiaomi’s wholly-owned subsidiary Songguo Electronics team reorganized, and some teams split up to form a new company. Nanjing Big Fish Technology.

According to internal mail, after adjustment, Xiaomi holds a 25% stake in Nanjing Big Fish Semiconductor, and the team collectively holds 75%. Nanjing Dayu Semiconductor will focus on the research and development of AI and IoT chips and solutions in the semiconductor field, now it will continue to focus on mobile phone SoC chips and AI chip development.

Xiaomi has achieved good results in the IoT field. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi was a year of good harvesting in AIOT in 2018. Xiaomi is the world’s largest IoT consumer-grade IoT platform, connecting 132 million devices (excluding mobile phones and laptops), and the built-in Ai class has more than 100 million activation devices.

Although Xiaomi has achieved good results in 2018, the challenge in front of Xiaomi has both external Sino-US relations and the slowdown in demand in the mobile phone market, as well as two main internal contradictions: public expectations for Xiaomi and Xiaomi innovation.

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